inner beaute – Klew

Your surroundings are a reflection of you and you are a reflection of your surroundings. Project Inner Beauté aims at beautifying your immediate surroundings, your rooms, your office spaces, your cafes, your studios, and even the walls of your verandah. The project is a way of converting blank walls into beautiful and pleasant works of art designed to soothe your eyes, boost your productivity and instil a serense sense of mind. Project Inner Beauté, above all, aims at beautifying premises like schools, dispensaries, orphanages, homes, etc. in underdeveloped rural areas, with portions of revenues collected from the aforementioned projects. After all, don’t we all deserve beautiful environments?


Space is all there is, and it needs a change.

Look around you, if you feel the walls could use some colours, be a part of Inner Beauté.
Be a part of genuine change.