weekly posters

What’s life without tacky posters staring at you in your face, constantly seeking your validation? Klew dives right in the minds of people to exploit their poster skills.


Monzterati is an in-house print campaign highlighting the hidden dreams and fantasies of the lesser known superstars.

the guysexual

The Guysexual is an ongoing collaboration between two studios. Klew handles the branding and giving a rad rad face to the guysexual.

lalgoon milk

Lalgoon Milk is an upcoming product of FromHills distributors. This branding work mixes the formal nature of the product with the subtly quirky nature of our brains.

Siddha and the Korean stint

Siddha, our team’s creative director is an odd being. He says this oddness reflects in his work as a designer. Here’s a sneak peak into his association with the Korean Society of Illustration arts – SOKI