BRANDING – Lalgoon milk

Imagine the world enriched and sustained by love and purity. This is a reality when healthcare and quest for getting pure foods for healthy body becomes a mission. Precisely how we define our path – health care with purity, care and passion.

the logo

Fashioning a logo was a challenging task, certainly going beyond the concept of revision. The peeps at Lalgoon Milk Farms demanded a plethora of options for the logo (we agreed, who says no to a free supply of raw milk?). Keeping in mind what they stand for and the idea they promote, we turned to the colour Brown – representing organic matter.

However, Green was a fierce contender

 the nomenclature

Lalgun is a small town amidst the foothills of Sahyadri near Pune. During the nomenclature process, we kept away from the conventional method of surfing the net for ‘synonyms’ and ‘beautiful’ words. Instead, we visited the farmlands and breathed in fresh inspiration (along with cow dung  fumes, of course) and stumbled upon the royalty the name ‘Lalgun’ brings along. The transition from LALGUN to LALGOON was purely a judgement call.


 the mascot

Meet GiGi, the calf with an appetite for selfies. The weird thing though, this wasn’t even a mascot photo shoot.





the visual process

Monochrome always delivers. It’s like Batman, but with a hint of a sidekick at times – the daughter colour.

What emerged from the battle of Green and Brown was a beautiful friendship. With the two colours setting up a foundation for the bold typography, the visuals were taken care of.



The colour palette



The Provident font


 the milk map

An infographic showing the journey of raw milk.

Brochure Back.png

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