Awards – Siddha and the Korean stint


The Society of Korea Illusart (Soki) and The Association of Korea Illusart (Aoki), an affiliated organization of Soki, are in accordance with Global Postism in order for the development of domestic Illusart and Formative Media Industry. The top priority of Soki, a research organization, is to contribute to forming the foundation for Korea to be renowned for culture and art.

SOKI, The Korean Society of Illusart

Our very own creative director, Siddha has had a successful stint at the Korean Society of Illustration Art for two years in a row. Winning Bronze, silver and three special prizes, he adds a SOKI membership to his hat. His winning entries strike multiple chords :-


Winner of the Bronze Medallion 2016, SOKI
It is not who you are inside, it is not what you do, it is not how you think, it is not how you breathe and it is definitely not how you feel. It is how others see you, it is how others feel you, it is how others understand what you think, feel, see and say. It is your shadow the light of society casts on others. It is sad that you are no longer defined by what you do but how you look or appear. It is, in all its subtlety, a crisis.



Soki 4
Winner of the Silver Medallion 2015, SOKI
Why won’t the other kids let me play, ma? I want to play too.
Cause you’re magic, my love. And they’ll never understand your world.



Winner of the Bronze Medallion 2014, SOKI
The peak is always colourful: No matter how grey your journey gets, the peak always delivers. But the road has it’s own unprecedented beauty.


Winner of the Special Mention 2014, SOKI

The indian taxis are fading out from the streets. Once the symbol of beauty and pride, the “kaali-peeli” is nowhere to be seen now.



Winner of the Special Mention 2014, SOKI

Out of the box : Thinking out of the box needn’t always yield aesthetic results. What if there is no box? And what if the thing that comes out of the box isn’t as good as the box? Questions.

We shall not apologise for exploiting this mind.

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