BRANDING – The Guysexual

The Guysexual is your average guy-next-door who loves his beer and hates pigeons, talking about out-of-the-closet experiences of the third kind. Ever the unreliable narrator, The Guysexual talks about his escapades in dating and otherwise, proving that there really is no difference between gay and straight when it comes to love, sex and relationships, or who fits the bill when you know that things are so bad that you probably might never ever see each other again.

logo 2.png
The mainstream logo
Guysexual png.png
The Indie logo

Working with the GuySexual has been one of the quirkiest experiences at our shack, in the complete sense of the word. Giving a face to the brilliantly scripted words by the master writer is as challenging as it is fun, what with an explosive spectrum of people he writes about.

Click on the link below to read about the GuySexual’s steamy escapades (by steamy, we could also be referring to a Momo)

 Guysexual’s quirky outings a.k.a. The Dates


A few of our favourites, illustrated by an oddball  :-

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



 Since branding wasn’t enough, we took the privilege of creating a few posters and covers – on the house (one of the perks of our collaborations)

Being a brilliant designer himself, The Guysexual let us run wild with our thoughts and visuals – something that reflects in these posters. Capturing an idea’s essence requires genuineness in the thought process, even though the outputs raise a few eyebrows. Then again, why be shy? Be a little Laudah (put on a British accent and find a rise up light).



Children's Day

Diwali FB

Men's Day



And then there are these :-

Experimenting with fonts and font textures cemented the stage for the website covers, lots more in the trunk. Also, aren’t Hindi fonts gorgeous?

q q

Of Squares & Oldmen

Otoko Sekusharu




Bored on a lazy afternoon? Why not read up on lifestyle tips, the hots and nots, the crayzays and the sexays, tons of lists of dos and donts at this bombshell of a website

The Guysexual 


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