VISUALS – monzterati

Far away, or nearby in an insipid lane of a rural suburb, dwells a man. He is, as we speak, savouring what he can barely afford – rice and fishes, although he knows that’s not a well-accepted plural for a fish. He now washes his dish in the very pool he washes his body, the oil puddles in the water can be heard singing hymns of dirt. Now as he prepares to sleep sans the customary walk of digestion, he hears a loud thud on his door, followed by a shrill screech. Startled and confused, the man hurries past a three legged table and grabs his khaki coat (our man is a bus conductor). The thudding mushrooms. Drenched in sweat, he grabs a stick, his hair changes its tint from a sad black to an intimidating golden red, an armour of Floratian steel wraps his body, the stick he’s gripping hard grows three pairs of limbs and a wiggly tail with a screech of its own, and his legs reveal wings hidden beneath the skin. If only the world knew who this man is. But he doesn’t give a crawling fuck, he holds a live sword. Who could dare engage him in a conversation on plurality? 

Welcome, or not, to a space pregnant of unshared dreams and wishful thinking where ugly creatures avoid paparazzi and the hidden monsters take over. Welcome to a space that celebrates the monsters in us. Welcome, or not, to monzterati.



                Hemant Hazare and the theatrical souls

Hemant Hazare is a theatre director based out of Mumbai, working largely with the theatre group Aavishkar. He began writing and directing plays under the tutelage of Satyedev Dubeyji, a national film awardee. Hemant’s weird antics are further catalysed by his elements of dramatics and theatricality. He poses for us with an old friend from his department.



                Aniruddha Mahale and Creepy Creeperson

A writer with an unused architect’s degree, Aniruddha spends his time between hating pigeons and trying to find new ways to take over the world. When he’s not dreaming of sipping the perfect summer cocktail, he writes stories and memories. His tales are of quirk and sexxay encounters around the globe (boy are we glad he kisses and tells).

While he assists us with his words, we give him his creepy globe crawler. Why travel with hoomans every time?



                Nandkumar Desai and his paparazzi spray

Nandkumar Desai, affectionately known by his theatre peeps as Nandu, is a creative mind at Klew and an ex actor with group Aavishkar. Who says only ‘Bhais’ get ferocious bodyguards? Theatre actors have a breed of their own, probably ferociouser.

Karver Rai, a character he is gearing up for, sits calmly with his protector. We dare not go any closer.



Siddha Kannur and the reptie

We’ve already covered this nincompoop in a different article. Moving on…



He’s got his back

Harshit, to quote the guy himself, is a simple and a decent man with a jolly-spread-them-smiles-everywhere nature. Currently working in the textile bizz, he aims at achieving a higher cloud soon. And hey! He has Mr.Pink Tentacles to back him up.

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