Clue about Klew


Studio Klew’s founder and creative director Dhananjay Singh explains the studio’s nomenclature as a team member’s fascination of the mythological tale of the Minotaur and his labyrinth. Cutting the lengthy story short, Theseus promises to kill the monster Minotaur and builds a boat to reach the Labyrinth. He is stopped by his paramour – Ariadne, daughter of Minos who gives him a bundle of rope (then known as CLEW) to mark his way through the maze. Theseus has a clew, Theseus has a clue. Geddit? Geddit?


We, at Studio Klew, shall not throw big impressive words at you or call you our clients. Instead, we shall get to know you better so that we create the klew you need to kill your Minotaur. We are an odd bunch of people managing odd jobs at our shack amidst a fun quirky atmosphere, with literally everyone being involved in the creative process.

Our Services –

Branding – The brand Logo, nomenclature, packaging, creatives, posters, leaflets, hoardings, illustrations aaaand videos (of all sorts)

Campaigns – Ad campaigns that include creating a strong brand presence through creative methods (both conventional and unconventional)

Illustrations – Illustrations for posters, postcards, t-shirts, magnets, spaceships, etc.

On-the-house treats – All our jam sessions are on us, just get your guitars.

Creative Consultancy  – Website designs, campaign ideas, product marketing.

In-House projects – Open to all budding thinkers and designers for fun collaborations and top notch competitions.