Team Klew


Dhananjay Singh, our founder and Creative head, is a fitness Guru and trains some of the biggest names in the city. When he’s not flexing his brawn, he flexes his brain at the studio he founded. Working backstage has always been his fantasy, being able to create and give klews to the Theseuses out there.

He is our Ariadne, look Ariadne up on the internet.


A half architect, Siddha Kannur is a seasoned visual designer who credits his surreal imagination to an incomplete course in architecture. At klew, which he co-founded, he cements the visual stage for visual campaigns and in house book publications.

Siddha is also a honorary member of the Society of Illustration, Korea, SOKI.


A seasoned musician with swift fingers (pun unintended), Kushal Umralkar knows the G spot on his guitar. When he’s not leading the guitars for metal genre, he studies spaces, structures and volumes – he’s an architect.

At Klew, he is the Potassium Permanganate to our Hydrogen Peroxide Decomposition. He is the catalyst.